What we do best

At the heart of what we do at MagTech, that makes us different, is we pride ourselves in building true partnerships with our clients. We get to know the culture, values and needs of an organization to understand how to create a tailored recruitment strategy for them. Our specialized consultative approach to recruitment and staffing allows our team to develop unique recruitment plans for each of our clients based on position skill requirements, company culture and long-term goals of the organization. Each client we work with has distinctive needs, so the recruitment strategy needs to provide a customized solution to meet those requirements.

Direct Placement

In order to find the best talent for any organization, especially in a competitive job market, our clients find offering direct hire opportunities to potential employees gives them a competitive advantage to securing top talent.

Contingent workforce solutions

There is a lot more to contingent workforce them just a temp employee. This service helps our clients overcome a multitude of situations. Whether there is a need for a large increase in staff due to a project or expansion or simply to reduce cost on finding the right candidate that fits your organization long term. This can be temporary contract employees or contract to direct placements within an organization. What matters most is that our resources deliver the quality personnel needed to complete the goal of the organization.

Talent Consulting

Do you have your own internal recruiter or HR professional that is falling behind on the growing demand of the organization to find qualified candidates for internal roles? Our consulting team starts an analysis of your internal recruiting operations to develop a baseline accounting for multiple factors. Then can give a clear direction and process to enable your team to be more efficient and successful.

Payroll Services

MagTech can alleviate the administrative burden of payroll for select employees on a short term or ongoing basis. Payroll services can have many organizational benefits for full and part-time as well as non-traditional employees such as:

  • Contract workers
  • Seasonal workers
  • Retirees
  • Special project staff
  • Paid interns or students
  • Family members
  • On call workers

MagTech takes on the legal responsibility for wages, deductions, unemployment and workers compensation insurance. We also have a wide array of fringe benefits to make sure every employees needs are adequately met. Let us help you with any or all payroll administration processes so you can focus on your business goals.

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